Fear cuts deeper than swords.


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20. Ruler of a tiny skull-sized kingdom.
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Title: Random Reality Shift Artist: Coheed and Cambria 1,187 plays


All this I have pushed to endure, just to find out it’s breaking me 
Disgustingly fit into unhappily with the absolute questions 

Is this what I need? do I even feel this?”

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i’m not talking to anyone anymore

I need someone


Zak Alexander Rose

Prismal is a series of prismatic images layered onto the photographic negative, and an homage to the sincerity of the universe.

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i fucking hate everything

make me feel better and tell me I look nice.

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I’m fucking useless

vicious cycles within cycles and lows that get lower every time

Title: Great Fairy's Fountain Artist: Ocarina of Time 7,921 plays

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im lonely

College? Yea, it’s cool. I’ve never felt more alone, it’s dope.